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Iron Age Grates
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Radius Castings

Iron Age offers bespoke cast grates to any specified. Most tailored work, such as grates on a radius, will require a new pattern for the casting.

In some cases, we may have an existing pattern, which meets your specification. Please see below the list of our cast iron radial grates, along with the relevant drawing file.

- Radius Trench Cover Considerations and Calculations
- Frame Types

Radius (nominal)PatternWidth (nominal)ProjectPDF
2 FTInterlaken610mm x 149mm (6")
3 FTInterlaken538mm x 152mm (6")PDF File
4 FTOblio497mm x 122mm (5") 
4 FTRegular Joe419mm x 123mm (5")
5 FTLocust499mm x 302mm (12")
5 FTOblio488mm x 225mm (9")
6 FTInterlaken506mm x 122mm (5")
6 FTInterlaken588mm x 149mm (6")
6 FTLocust474mm x 203mm (8")
7 FTInterlaken628mm x 149mm (5")
7 FTGreek Key507mm x 122m (5")

8 FTOblio504mm x 122mm (5") PDF File
8 FTInterlaken504mm x 286mm (11")PDF File
10 FTInterlaken Heel Proof
518mm x 122mm (5") 
10 FTInterlaken507mm x 122mm (5")
10 FTInterlaken468mm x 149mm (6")PDF File
10 FTInterlaken459mm x 302mm (12") 
11 FTOblio500mm x 152mm (6")PDF File
13 FTInterlaken499mm x 122mm (5")
13 FTLocust505mm x 302mm (12")
13 FTOblio472mm x 302mm (12")
14 FTJanis486mm x 124mm (5")
16 FTRegular Joe514mm x 137mm (5")PDF File
16 FTRegular Joe506mm x 302mm (12")
16 FTOblio500mm x 122mm (5")PDF File
16 FTLocust617mm x 149mm (6")PDF File
16 FTOblio494mm x 225mm (9") 
16 FTJanis450mm x 302mm (12")
17 FTAcanthus509mm x 223mm (9")
17 FTArgo488mm x 122mm (5")
18 FTInterlaken505mm x 122mm (5")PDF File
18 FTQue510mm x 75mm (3")
20FTOblio499mm x 122mm (5")PDF File
20 FTLocust618mm x 149mm (6")PDF File
20 FTLocust498mm x 302mm (12")
20 FTOblio459mm x 301mm (12") 
22 FTArgo493mm x 122mm (5")
22 FTLocust506mm x 302mm (12")
24 FTTulie516mm x 302mm (12")
25 FTLocust499mm x 122mm (5")PDF File
25 FTOblio503mm x 225mm (9")
27 FTArgo497mm x 122mm (5") 
27 FTOblio497mm x 122mm (5")PDF File
27 FTOblio504mm x 200mm (8")
27 FTOblio463mm x 302mm (12")

30 FTInterlaken436mm x 302mm (12")
30 FTInterlaken Heel Proof502mm x 302mm (12")
30 FTTulie514mm x 301mm (12") 
35 FTRegular Joe504mm x 136mm (5")
36 FTInterlaken501mm x 122mm (5")
37 FTInterlaken497mm x 117mm (5")
41 FTQue460mm x 200mm (8") 
44 FTOblio496mm x 122mm (5") 
44 FTRegular Joe480mm x 291mm (12")
47 FTInterlaken501mm x 122mm (5") 
50 FTLocust496mm x 122mm (5")
51 FTRegular Joe505mm x 136mm (5")
53 FTOblio508mm x 200mm (9")
54 FTRegular Joe437mm x 302mm (12")
55 FTRegular Joe507mm x 137mm (6")PDF File
61 FTArgo496mm x 122mm (5") 
65 FTOblio505mm x 124mm (5")PDF File
79 FTOblio499mm x 225mm (9")

Custom Frames

All radial grates require a metal frame embedded in concrete to hold them in place. Frames come in 6 designs, or we can fabricate a variation to your specification.

Unlike our standard products, grates on a radius will NOT fit standard size drain bodies from major manufacturers because no major manufacturers offer drain bodies on a radius.

Alternatively a concrete contractor can form a lip on the edge of a custom concrete trench to accommodate the grate, but this is generally regarded as less durable.

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